Acne No More Mike Walden – If the follicles are open, traffic jams look like black spots on the face, and are called open comedones and are closed (not communicate with the surface of the skin). These are called comedones whiteheads, or white dots. Sebum under the cap closed pilosebaceous duct continues and is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria (propionic acne bacteria) that normally live in peace and quiet you in the sebaceous glands.

The rapid population growth of bacteria leads to inflammation, which can occur on the skin from small to large festering pimples acne. If the “plug” is formed deep under the skin, to form the so-called – accumulation of fat, which is not inflamed and does not hurt, if not infected. That’s all the causes of acne – To sum up, we can distinguish four factors, the combined effect of which is the cause of acne: resource by à Acne no more free download.

Excess sebum by sebaceous glands; follicular hyperkeratosis outer layer of human skin is called the horn. The constant renewal of the skin is precisely set for exfoliating dead skin, dead skin plates of this layer. A similar process occurs in the hair follicles.

Acne no more book – Follicular hyperkeratosis – is excessive development of the horny layer of the follicles, which is the cause of acne, so as to form a tube-comedo is necessary not only sebum, but the exfoliated skin cells. Reproduction Propionibacterium acnes, Propionic Bacteria acne their very name inspires trembling.